Bulk CBD crystals: what you need to know

Considering purchasing wholesale CBD crystals? Here’s what you need to know.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a chemical found from the cannabis plant. However, unlike cannabis derived THC, CBD is not producing a high when taken.

CBD is a supplement used to increase pain management from conditions such as chronic lower back pain, arthritis, and epilepsy.

In more recent years, CBD has become particularly mainstream – every house and every street corner knows about it and every shop sells it.

This hype inevitably lead to many CBD businesses to form – either selling their own grown and manufactured products or instead selling white-labeled product (products bought wholesale, re-branded, and sold).

This article will discuss what CBD crystals are, what they are used for, and why you should consider purchasing these in bulk.

What are CBD crystals?

CBD isolate is used to create CBD crystals – a compound sold to the vaping industry utilized for blending in e-liquids. These vapes also include a wide variety of CBD flavors.

CBD isolate is created via filtration of CBD extract and then isolation. The most popular method to create this isolated product is through column separation, also known as chromatographic separation.

For this process to happen, CBD extract is first diluted and pushed through a porous medium (a material containing voids) – as different molecules travel at different speeds, when pushed through this material the chemical compounds are separated upon exiting the porous medium.

Once CBD extract is purified, they now show their crystalline form – this is why CBD isolate is also commonly referred to as CBD crystals.

If you want to know more about testing CBD for purity and contamination, check our article How CBD Oil is tested for purity & contamination.

What are CBD crystals used for?

CBD crystals fall under the novel food guidelines, therefore, require pre-marker authorization to be sold on the European market and other markets around the globe.

In particular, however, CBD crystals are most popularly used as an ingredient for e-liquid. This is the liquid substance used in the production of e-cigarettes, combining in many different flavors. It most likely comes as no surprise then that CBD e-liquid is also available.

However, current scientific research is limited on both vaping and vaping of CBD. As it stands, vaping is more safe than smoking, but could be equally as dangerous in the long-term.

Why should you buy CBD crystals in bulk

One of the largest products within the CBD market is vaping, alongside CBD oil, of course. The demand is massive, but it is wary to keep up to date on scientific research regarding the effects of vaping and whether or not this will affect the CBD market at a later date.

Nevertheless, as a small business purchasing wholesale CBD crystals is a great first step to producing your very own CBD e-liquid.

Purchasing Bulk CBD crystals, instead of manufacturing your own (which many do not have access to e.g. expensive equipment, growing facilities, etc.) is known as white-labeling.

As previously mentioned, white-labeling involves purchasing ready-made products e.g. CBD crystals and using these for your own product once given a re-brand.

For start-up CBD companies, the process of white-labeling is extremely beneficial and cost-effective.

Purchasing wholesale CBD crystals allows you to get these for a much cheaper price than usual, especially if you were having to invest in your own hemp growing facility/production and filtration process. These CBD crystals can then be used to create CBD e-liquid for the current trend of vaping, in a variety of different flavors.

Before creating these CBD e-liquids it is worth carrying out some simple market research to see what flavors your consumer would most likely enjoy – increasing your sales and helping business get going as a start-up, or whether you’re just looking to expand into the CBD e-liquid product line.

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The bottom line

CBD crystals, also known as CBD isolate is a product mainly used to create CBD e-liquid for vaping.

We recommend purchasing these wholesale CBD crystals via white-labeling, creating your own CBD e-liquid, and selling a variety of different flavors (once you’ve carried out your very own market research).

If you’re running a CBD start-up, white-labeling is definitely a great method – helping you pick CBD products up cheap, re-brand these, and sell these for a profit – also helping you see what works well for the target consumer.