Bulk CBD paste and extract: what you need to know

How bulk/wholesale CBD paste and extract can be used for your business.

Cannabidiol (CBD), is a chemical compound recently used as a potential treatment to given pain conditions such as arthritis, chronic back pain and epilepsy. Over recent years, CBD has blown up – everybody has heard about it and everyone wants to try it.

No doubt, this trend lead to more and more businesses opening up and selling either their own manufactured CBD products or white labeled products.

With such a large market and a wide variety of different CBD products available, there’s plenty to know and large competition to deal with.

In particular, this article will explain exactly what CBD past and extract is and how you too can sell it, whether made yourself or purchased as a white-labeled product.

What is CBD paste and extract?

CBD paste is the product used to create other CBD products, for example, CBD oil and gummies. However CBD paste can also be used as a standalone CBD product, yet this isn’t quite as popular and/or well-known.

CBD itself is sourced from hemp plants, varying in concentration. However, hemp plants housed specifically to grow CBD generally produce a higher concentration product.

Nevertheless, with that being said it’s important for those growing CBD from the hemp plant not to produce excess amounts of THC (this is the chemical compound which produces a high in marijuana) – these concentrations must remain below 0.2%.

How is CBD paste made?

CBD paste is created via extraction. However, before beginning this process the hemp plant is first harvested and dried.

The environment in which these are grown is essential – if it’s too moist these flowers will degrade very quickly. Likewise, if produced in unideal conditions or near a power plant these hemp flowers may become contaminated, registering them as unusable.

Therefore, all hemp plants must test negatively for mycotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals before extraction – ensuring the safety of their product.

That brings us to extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the most popular method – this involves heating the CBD product up to a specific temperature, allowing it to separate from the other materials and form the paste-like compound. This paste is often dark, green, and sicky – commonly referred to as CBD extract or CBD paste. Some manufactures stop here, however, there are numerous other ways to refine this paste further.

Filtration for CBD extract

Filtration methods are used to further refine the CBD paste and extract, this can further remove chlorophyll and other fats and waxes from the paste. This process of filtration increases the percentage of CBD as these excess products are removed.

The most common method of filtration is called ‘winterization’ involving cold application to the existing paste/extract.

Is there a demand for CBD paste?

CBD paste/extract as a product itself is not the most popular product available on the market, especially when compared against products such as CBD oil.

However, with that being said CBD paste and extract can be used to create other CBD products such as oils, gummies, and capsules.

Therefore, CBD paste and the extract is a vital product in the CBD industry – used by many if not taken via CBD paste/extract directly, or alternatively used to manufacture other CBD products.

CBD paste and extract in bulk

CBD paste and extract can be bought in bulk and used for white labeling. This process involves purchasing a wholesale product, re-branding this, and selling it on within the recommended retail prices.

This wholesale CBD paste can be used to create your own products if you’re still looking to create a unique edge. However, this method of purchase is great for start-up CBD companies and those looking to save money without setting up their own manufacturing facilities.

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The bottom line

Bulk CBD paste is used as a standalone product itself and also utilized, in some cases, to create other products such as CBD oil and gummies.

Purchasing wholesale CBD paste is great for start-up CBD businesses or those not looking to invest in their own manufacturing practices – allowing you to enter the CBD market on a fairly cheap budget.