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What makes CBD different from traditional cannabis?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a new supplement used by millions across the globe. Health benefits of this so-called ‘wonder-drug’ are so far impressive, helping millions across the United States and other countries to tackle many of life’s mysteries – from pain to anxiety CBD can likely tackle it directly.

So, what makes CBD different from traditional cannabis? Unlike cannabis, CBD either contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or very small amounts. Therefore, taking CBD does not produce a high – you’re not left with the munchies and a desire to drink a gallon of mountain dew.

You’re probably wondering – when did CBD come into the health and wellness industry? CBD has actually only been around the last few years or so, taking the world by storm and showing many that it can have a substantial effect on their overall well-being and quality of life.

Nevertheless, due to CBD being fairly new to the market this does mean the scientific evidence behind it is limited, but with that being said there are enough studies to prove its effectiveness within a wide variety of populations.

We expect further studies within the coming years, especially as the CBD market is growing larger each and every day. Just how big you wonder? We’ll get to that in a bit!

This article will discuss the many health benefits of CBD, potential side-effects, ways to take it, and finally, we will finish on why you should consider joining the ranks and setting up your own business centered around CBD and CBD products. Sound good? Good!

So, without further ado let’s get to it.


What are the health benefits of CBD?

You’ve likely heard some of the many health benefits from those supplementing CBD already, whether this is to help reduce pain associated with arthritis, reduce anxiety, or to help one’s battle against insomnia.

We won’t leave you in the shadows, don’t worry. In fact, we’ve gathered together the top health benefits below:

  1. Reduced anxiety
  2. Helps with insomnia
  3. Fewer symptoms and episodes for those with epilepsy
  4. Reduced chronic pain e.g. lower back pain, arthritis, tennis elbow

These are the most acclaimed and scientifically supported health benefits of regular CBD supplementation. However, with that being said it’s imperative to understand that each and every person may react differently to taking CBD.

Anyways, let’s address these points one by one.


1. Reduced anxiety

Anxiety affects us all at one point or another – a nasty trick our minds play on us to overthink situations and create general worrisome thoughts. However, what if we told you CBD may be able to help reduce your anxiety, allowing you to feel confident with yourself in almost any situation – almost like a real-life Bradley Cooper in Limitless…

Well, that may be entirely possible with the introduction of CBD.

A study from 2011 involving public speaking found those who had taken CBD had reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and less general discomfort during their speech whereas the control group, where participants did not supplement CBD were greater anxious, felt more uncomfortable, and slightly impaired cognitively.

So, what does this mean? Essentially, CBD has the potential to reduce anxiety in individuals, even in some of the most stressful and anxiety triggering moments.

However, with this being acknowledged it’s important to note that each individual deals with anxiety differently. Some people may have especially high levels of anxiety, others not so much, and a few who’s anxiety skyrockets in specific situations only, such as public speaking.

To support this study, we analyzed a further study from Scott Shannon and colleagues in The Permanente Journal. Results of this study were similar, with evidence suggesting CBD to calm the central nervous system (essentially bringing the body back into homeostasis) while also helping participants fall asleep quicker – especially those who usually struggle to hit the pillow at night, due to various reasons. The calming of the central nervous system essentially numbs the senses which anxiety triggers, your heart will no longer be racing quite so fast, you won’t be shaking, and you won’t get a sweat on just thinking about giving that public speech several weeks from now.

2. Helps with insomnia

As previously touched upon, supplementing CBD may help combat insomnia for some individuals – especially those having real trouble shutting off from the stresses of everyday life and the twenty-first century.

3. Fewer symptoms and episodes for those with epilepsy

There has been no known effective treatment for epilepsy ever, but CBD has certainly given it a fantastic shot – landing just outside the bullseye. Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system that causes seizures, if you didn’t already know. These seizures can often become quite violent and sporadic, making them unpredictable and quite scary for those at risk and the families and or friends involved.

Epilepsy around the world

It’s thought that 3.4 million people suffer from epilepsy in the United States, with this number increasing to 65-million globally. So, an effective treatment for this condition would definitely impact the lives of millions… quite literally.

Nevertheless, with CBD comes good news (a common theme it seems!). In fact, a study carried out in 2018 involving 550 patients with two forms of epilepsy, each given different doses of CBD found the reduction of seizures within both groups to decrease up to fifty-percent. That’s half the amount of seizures they were initially having.

As you can imagine this is ground-breaking news for many who suffer from this nasty condition, but now they are able to live their lives with greater freedom and less stress regarding when their next seizure will be.

The benefits of CBD don’t stop here either, this leads us onto our next health benefit – arguably as great as this one.

4. Reduced chronic pain e.g. lower back pain, arthritis, tennis elbow

You may already know that cannabis has formerly been used to reduce both acute and chronic pain, however, now CBD is taking over with arguably fewer side-effects and, of course, without the high. Thus, increasing the legality and availability in many countries.

With CBD being able to purchase in a variety of different forms, more of which we will discuss below, this makes it readily accessible for a wide population of people suffering from pain, insomnia, anxiety, or epilepsy.

Various studies mention chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, tennis elbow, and an all-time classic, lower back pain to be significantly reduced upon starting supplementation of CBD. Likewise, a vast number of literature specifically points to the pain reduction benefits for those ‘difficult to treat pains’ – mainly arthritis and joint issues.


CBD oil vs. hempseed, what’s the difference?

Many people don’t actually know which form of CBD they are actually taking. CBD oil is generally hempseed derived (0.3 percent THC), this is legal in the majority of states across the world. However, it’s important to check your individual location to be sure.

On the other hand, marijuana-derived CBD products are illegal on a federal level but legal under some state laws. So, once again do check these guidelines before purchasing and or attempting to set up your own business.

The marijuana-derived CBD products have been to know to contact as much as 17% THC (the chemical which produces a high). Therefore, this is stronger than hemp but not yet approved in many different states, as previously discussed.


What different ways are there to supplement CBD?

Now that we’ve covered some of the most popular benefits of taking CBD, let’s discuss the different ways you can take it.

These include:

  1. Capsule
  2. CBD oil
  3. Tinctures
  4. Topicals and creams
  5. Edibles
  6. Gummies

And so many more.

As you can see above, there are plenty of different ways to supplement this fantastic product. Each method has its benefits, with those taking the ‘wonder-drug’ to usually have one or two preferred methods.

Let’s break them down!

Different ways to take CBD: capsule, CBD oil, tinctures, topicals and creams, edibles, gummies

1. Capsule

CBD capsules are great for those looking for their quick fix. Unlike methods such as vaping (which can be seen as unsafe) this method of supplementation contains a slower-digesting kick. One of the main benefits to this method is the pre-measured capsules, thus leaving little to no room for error, unless, of course, you somehow swallow the entire box…

2. CBD oil

CBD oil is arguably the most popular method of taking CBD. This oil is actually quite versatile but is usually taken by supplementing a few drops (whatever method you’d like). However, unlike capsules CBD oil can also be used to make your own edibles, also placed in food – great if you’re not a fan of taking it yourself.

You can be as adventurous as you’d like – whether you want to throw it in a spaghetti Bolognese, in some brownies, or whether you bake your own cakes there’s plenty of options available. We do recommend going for a flavourless version though!

3. Tinctures

Tinctures, on the other hand, are taken orally. These tinctures are placed under the tongue, allowing CBD to work its way from the top-down. However, the taste of CBD tinctures is often not great and only for the brave-hearted. Whilst this method of taking CBD certainly has it’s perks, many choose to steer clear for that very reason.

However, CBD tinctures have been around one of the longer periods of time compared to other methods, and there’s a reason for that. These tinctures are easy to use, pre-measured, and pretty convenient if we say so ourselves.

4. Topicals and creams

Topicals and creams include moistures and general skincare products. This method involves rubbing these into your skin – especially popular for helping to tackle skin conditions such as acne.

Using topicals and creams for lower back pain or arthritis may not yield the same results as other methods. Therefore, for that reason, we recommend sticking to topicals and creams as part of your skincare routine only.

5. Edibles

You can either make your own edibles using CBD oil or you can also choose to purchase your own. Popular edibles include brownies (not your classic ‘pot brownies’ you’ll be glad to know… we think!?), flapjack, protein bars, and so much more!

6. Gummies

Alongside CBD oil being one of the easiest methods for newbies, CBD gummies are super convenient and often discrete. These gummies provide a well-balanced release of CBD, especially if you eat them spread throughout the day. This may result in less pain or anxiety throughout the day (or whatever other reason you may be supplementing CBD).


Is it possible to overdose on CBD?

A question many ask: is it possible to overdose on CBD? In short, no you can’t overdose on CBD. However, this does not mean you can go wild, ingesting CBD in every method possible. It’s important to supplement CBD responsibly to avoid any potential side-effects, ensure to thoroughly look these up for your chosen method in advance of beginning your CBD journey.


Are there any side-effects of supplementing CBD?

While CBD sounds great, and believe us it is – especially for those suffering from chronic pain, there are a few potential side-effects to be wary of. These side-effects may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Diarrhea

These side-effects are generally individual-based. Therefore, while one person may experience all four side-effects, two, or one another may experience none of these. So, when beginning to supplement CBD we suggest taking it slow and keeping dosage to a minimum – this should reduce these side-effects to a minimum.

Also, further research mentioned CBD to react with enzymes produced by the liver, thus preventing other medication’s from working effectively or working at all. Consequently, if possible we suggest laying off other medication before beginning to supplement CBD – just to be on the safe side, especially if you’re on some hefty medication at the moment.


So, should I be taking CBD?

The question you’ve most likely been waiting for: should you be taking CBD? This ultimately depends on your individual situation – for example, if you’ve been suffering from chronic pain for quite some time and no other medication has worked there is little to harm in trying CBD.

However, before supplementing it’s essential to read up on the topic of CBD and your chosen method of ingestion before starting. Look up the recommended guidelines and ensure you are taking little to no “essential” medication before supplementing to protect your overall health and well-being.

Finally, ensure to start off slowly, this will reduce any potential side-effects that come your way. Over-time, you may increase your dose-dependent on how you react to your chosen method.


Joining the ranks and creating a business centered around CBD

So, as you can imagine, with CBD already impacting millions across the globe, the market value of the industry must be huge – well, you’re definitely not wrong. According to Forbes, the CBD market could reach 20 billion dollars by 2024 – let me repeat that again for you… 20 BILLION DOLLARS.

The value of CBD market prognosis

The market value for CBD is huge, chances are you’ve already seen a few local shops shut down and replaced with stores selling CBD – vapes, gummies, capsules, oil, and edibles to name a few. This is especially popular in America and the UK right now.

US News and Forbes: statistics

However, if the original statistics aren’t enough for you how about these. US News found that one in seven Americans already use CBD products and that was back in 2019. Finally, in another study, Forbes also mentioned nearly half (42%) of those who use cannabidiol products have already switched to using CBD instead.

Well, let us tell you!


Business opportunities within CBD industry

Business opportunities within CBD industry: affiliate listing of CBD products, creating your own CBD product line, creating a CBD blog

1. Affiliate listing of CBD products

One of the easier options for setting up an online business or a means of passive income is advertising other people’s products for them on your website and or social media. Once a sale is made using your code and or direct link, you will make a percent of the profit.

Many affiliate schemes embed cookies to allow those advertising the products to make money on any sales the customer makes within a 24-hour period – rest assured knowing that if they go back to the site you’ll still be getting your cut of the share.

To get started with affiliate listing you will need to contact a CBD brand and have a relevant website. It may take a while to find the right brand for you, however, with a good working relationship affiliate listing CBD products can be a fantastic way to set yourself up a passive income stream.

2. Creating your own CBD product line

This route is the one many choose to go down – creating their own CBD product line. The market for CBD is huge, as we’ve already mentioned. Thus, it’s essential to make sure your product is top of the line – you’ve got to be the best of the best.

Once your product has been approved, you will then need to contact individual shops, chains, or websites that would be interested in selling your product for you. Similarly to affiliate listing these places would also make a small percentage profit based on the products in which they sell.

However, this isn’t the only way. You can also set up your own online store – selling your CBD line directly from home if you so choose. If you’re looking to increase cash flow and increase brand-awareness we recommend doing both – your sales will fly through the roof and your brand will be well on its way to joining the ranks, maybe even on the shelves of Holland & Barrett one day.

3. Creating a CBD blog

The third and final idea we have for you is creating your own CBD blog. There’s certainly a gap in the market for CBD, so why not bring potential customers right to your site via written content. If you’re not the best writer you can also hire one, you can get these relatively cheap on sites such as Fiverr.

Once you’ve gathered yourself a following you can begin to make money off of Google Ads, sponsored posts where you talk about others’ products, or affiliate listing if you choose to do this as well.

However, one of the main advantages of setting up a blog is establishing and developing trust with your readers. Creating and developing this readership takes time, this also gives you plenty of time to develop your own products. Once your readers are fully pledged to your content you can introduce your own CBD products with the perfect target audience ready to purchase them.


What does it take to succeed creating a business in the CBD market?

It’s not going to be easy, there’s lots of competition and building a business isn’t for everyone. However, with that being said it is entirely possible. You will need to commit a lot of hard work, long hours, and late nights to developing your own CBD centered business – although it will be entirely worth it.

You see, one of the main benefits of joining such a rapidly expanding industry is that you know there is a need for the products and this need is only going to grow larger and larger by the day.

Essentially, if you begin now (2020) by the year 2024 you could definitely have your own CBD business running, making a profit, and slowly conquering the CBD market – that is if you do it right, of course.


The bottom line

CBD is one of if not the fastest growing industry in the world right now – the product is literally impacting millions of people across the globe.

We’ve never seen a supplement quite so rich in the many benefits it yields, from chronic pain reduction to reducing the frequency and severity of seizures for those suffering from epilepsy. CBD has rightfully earned its place in the health and wellness market. In fact, it’s created its own unique market.

With CBD taking the world by storm, it’s no surprise that each and every day fresh-faced entrepreneurs join the ranks and set up their own CBD business, whether this is through affiliate marketing, the creation of their own blog, or developing their own product there is plenty of space in the market for everyone.

If you’ve been suffering from anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, or chronic pain such as arthritis or tennis elbow then you certainly need to give CBD a try if you haven’t already. Likewise, if you know someone who suffers from one of these conditions then you most likely understand the pain and suffering that they go through on a daily basis – more the reason to set up your own CBD brand to help tackle the problem directly.

So, we’ll leave you with this – if you’re looking to supplement CBD yourself to tackle any of the above conditions then we definitely recommend giving it a go, especially if you haven’t done so before.

The current literature base surrounding CBD (which is growing larger by the day), supports the use of these products to help tackle these issues directly. However, it’s important to acknowledge that CBD is still in its early years, while the future is most certainly brighter than the sun, research may discover further benefits of potential side-effects to this new ‘wonder drug’.

So, keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming literature, whilst it’s unlikely we’ll see anything soon the journey is definitely exciting and worth a watch. We’re talking about a product which is still early in its full development yet as had an impact on millions of people around the world, with this increasing two-fold.