CBD Legality in Europe – what are the rules for businesses?

If you’re creating your own CBD products it’s essential to follow the rules outlined for businesses.

CBD is legal in all countries within Europe except for Slovakia. In the majority of countries in Europe which CBD is legal, these CBD products can often be bought with ease, often via a quick trip down your local high street store(s).

This makes it ideal for those selling CBD products and setting up their own-line. Being able to sell across all Europe markets is a great way to expand your business while allowing your products to reach a much wider audience.

However, before you are able to achieve this you must follow know and follow the rules set out for business which produce these CBD products like EU Novel Food Guidelines or Food Supplement Guidelines for CBD Products.

CBD products in Europe

As mentioned above, you can set up your own CBD business legally in Europe e.g. by selling your own-line products. For beginners in this industry, it can be quite and even risky. That’s why they are increasingly choosing white labeling. This is quite often a much cheaper approach, especially for starters or those who have no clue what they are doing regarding manufacturing. White label CBD allows you to construct your own CBD brand. This is an especially prevalent tool for those who are just starting out in the CBD industry, are particularly tight on funds and cannot set up their own manufacturing processes. Trusting our in-depth knowledge of the industry, you can put your business idea in our hands and start your own line of CBD products with Eir Health’s help.

International CBD business

White label is only a part of the spectrum of business opportunities that we can give you. Let’s take a look at the rest of Eir Health’s B2B offer.

Eir Pharma
CBD is gaining recognition among a growing number of people associated with the pharmaceutical industry. With Eir Health you can create your active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) with full COA by Eurofins and EU GMP Pharma Certificates. All with the highest quality and the most affordable prices.

Eir Bulk
The variety of CBD forms can be overwhelming, but that’s not a problem for us. Our team of experts can prepare an impressive variety of products, from isolates of single cannabinoids to more complex formulations, in compliance with verified practices and strictly followed policies. It’s all up to you. Isolates, distillate, full-spectrum oils, crystals, extracts, oil drops, pills, balms, or even water solubles. Describe your needs, and we will come up with a solution to fit them perfectly.

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If the offer presented is not sufficient for you, let us know! Send us a brief containing the most important details about your project or set up a call with our friendly team, always dedicated to guiding you throughout the process, and make sure you pick the most suitable products.

The bottom line

The legality of CBD in Europe means that more and more entrepreneurs are investing in this market. It is hardly surprising. The CBD market offers many business opportunities, from creating content in the field of CBD to own production lines. At Eir Health, we take pride in our in-depth knowledge of the industry, and we firmly believe that our years of experience with a prolific B2C brand can benefit our partners in building their own.