Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP Certified CBD Oil

What is a good manufacturing practice and how does it apply to CBD oil and other CBD products?

GMP, also known as a good manufacturing process is an umbrella term that includes regulations enforced by the FDA, else known as the Food and Drug Administration.

However, these GMPs don’t only affect CBD products. In fact, GMPs also effect all pharmaceuticals, tobacco, cosmetics, specific food, supplements, vaccines, medical devices, and animal and veterinary products.

These manufacturing practices are put in place to ensure companies are unable to cut corners, allowing products to be produced in the safest way possible for consumer consumption.

Why does GMP exist?

As previously mentioned, without these GMP standards, companies, including those producing medication, food, and also CBD would potentially be able to cut corners.

This would impact the overall quality of all goods under the FDA, allowing users to receive an ineffective product.

Essentially, GMP ensures customer safety and satisfaction – essentially a seal of approval for their product to be on the marketplace. Something which not all products have, but really should.

Where do CBD and GMP CBD oil fit in to all of this?

So, where does CBD and CBD oil fit in to all of this? As CBD joined the cannabis industry much later, taking the world by shock, the sudden federal legalization of CBD did not allow the FDA enough time to provide the most accurate standards.

For example: Are children allowed to take CBD? What is the maximum dosage at one given time? It is safe for pets?

The FDA will explore these given questions, along with many more, we’re sure, to guarantee the safest possible supplementation of CBD.

Once consumers of CBD see GMP followed practices this allows them to know the product is of the highest-quality, having that seal of approval.

How is CBD and CBD oil certified differently from other products?

Like many other products that fall under regulation by the FDA, there is a specific set of guidelines that must be followed for accurate certification.

Firstly, GMP CBD oil and CBD products must have an emphasis on the highest quality. These CBD products must be created in a facility operating excellent hygiene, batch records, material control, and further responsibilities of the quality unit.

Secondly, there is also an emphasis on documentation. Any manufacturer who produces CBD is expected to keep in-depth up-to-date records while also avoiding human error.

Thirdly, within GMP there is further emphasis on inspection. If you receive an inspection from a GMP inspector, your facility will be inspected alongside the tools used to create your CBD product. You can expect multiple visits overtime to ensure these standards are being consistently met.

Finally, an emphasis on safety is especially important. When you buy a CBD product you want to know that the product itself if safe and does not contain any unwanted side-effects, alongside the product actually working. Therefore, both the FDA and the GMP standards ensure products are of the highest purity – keeping the consumer of the product safe.

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Are all CBD products GMP certified?

As of current, a large portion of CBD products are not GMP certified. This means consumers are unable to see whether or not their CBD was created in a safe environment and of high purity.

However, with that being said more mainstream brands are generally certified. This can be found on the CBD products, often in quite large text.

If you’re looking to get the edge over competitors, following GMP guidelines is a great way to do so – especially once you can advertise this on your product(s).

Are Eir Health’s CBD products GMP certified?

At Eir Health, we are committed to setting the highest standards in safety, compliance, and transparency by adhering to the strictest manufacturing certifications offered by global authorities. That's Why your CBD wholesale is consistent with GMP Certificates. Moreover, we prioritize ethical self-regulation to ensure that the end product sets the benchmark for the industry. We provide our customers with lab tests on-demand to assure them of the products’ quality.

What is Eir Health's B2B offer?

The hemp market is growing exponentially, aiming to multiply by 10x before 2030. If you want to succeed in such a competitive market, you need competent and trustworthy partners. At Eir Health, we take pride in our in-depth knowledge of the industry, and we firmly believe that our years of experience with a prolific B2C brand can benefit our partners in building their own. Here’s what we can offer you at the very beginning of your CBD career.

Eir Pharma
If you’re a part of the pharmaceutical industry, you can create your active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) with full COA by Eurofins and EU GMP Pharma Certificates with our help. All with the highest quality and the most affordable prices.

Eir Bulk
Our team of experts can prepare an impressive variety of products, from isolates of single cannabinoids and distillates to more complex formulations like distillate, full-spectrum oils, crystals, extracts, oil drops, pills, balms, or water solubles. Everything in compliance with verified practices and strictly followed policies.

Eir Whitelabel
Trust our in-depth knowledge of the industry and create your own product brand without spending too much money at the beginning of your CBD adventure on the market. If your goal is to join the market leaders, book a call with our account manager, and let’s see how we could be of help in your journey.

Custom-made solutions
Our solutions can be adapted to a broad spectrum of business needs. Send us a brief containing the most important details about your project or set up a call with our friendly team, always dedicated to guiding you throughout the process, and make sure you pick the most suitable products.

You can place bulk orders for CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and other cannabinoids. It's all up to you! No matter what you decide, our experts make sure that every detail is in line with GMP guidelines and more.

To finish

GMP is short for good manufacturing practice. Many produced goods must abide by these guidelines, including pharmaceuticals, specific foods, supplements, and much more.

However, as of current a large portion of CBD products on the market are not GMP certified. If you are thinking of creating your own CBD product or line then we highly recommend going through the GMP process and following these guidelines. You should also read the Food Supplement Guidelines for CBD Products and EU Novel Food Guidelines.

It’s only a matter of time until all companies are required to follow these, so you might as well get ahead of your competition now while you can.