Laboratory testing – How CBD Oil is tested for purity & contamination

We discuss how CBD and CBD products such as oil are tested for both purity and contamination.

If you’re looking to create your own-line of CBD products it’s important to test them for both purity and contamination. Doing so not only protects you as a wholesale seller but also increases the safety and overall quality of the product.

If you don’t already know, CBD is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries on the planet. However, we’re going to guess you already knew what as you stumbled across this article.

This article will take you through laboratory testing for CBD, including purity and contamination – allowing your CBD products to be of the highest quality.

What is laboratory testing for CBD?

CBD laboratory testing consists of sending a sample to a laboratory that has specialist equipment designed to test CBD products such as oils.

CBD products can be tested for a variety of different measures, however, the two main ones are purity and contamination.

Is all CBD laboratory testing the same?

Not all CBD laboratory testing is the same, and not all CBD products are tested to the same standards.

There have been multiple cases where CBD products have been marketed without proper testing. These tests include cannabinoid content, THC content, purity, contamination, and much more.

When selling your own CBD products, whether these are oils, tinctures, or capsules it’s important to go through the proper laboratory standard testing – with this referenced on the product.

This allows consumers to place full trust in your product, knowing it has been designed to the highest capacity and in the safest manner possible.

How is CBD tested for purity?

For CBD products to be safe, they must be as pure as they can be. Purity is based on numerous factors, however, it comes down to the overall quality of the sourced product.

For example, if your hemp was grown on a farm behind a chemical plant there’s a good chance the purity of the CBD would be impacted and most likely also contaminated.

Testing for purity in the laboratory consists of a cannabinoid profile and a terpene profile.

The cannabidiol profile tests the source of the cannabinoid alongside testing for other present cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBN, and CBG.

However, the terpene profile looks at the CBD product and the composition of this. Terpenes are found within the plant profile of hemp, but usually in trace amounts. Too much of this product may be harmful to those taking CBD, therefore, it’s important to ensure the terpene levels are normal.

How is CBD tested for contamination?

CBD products such as CBD oil need to be tested for contamination – thus ensuring all CBD products to be the product which they are claimed to be.

In the laboratory, there are generally three different tests to ensure no contamination. These include:

  • A heavy metal test
  • Microbial contamination
  • Herbicides, fungicides, pesticides

Hemp plants, which are used to produce CBD often absorb metals such as lead or mercury from the soil in which they grew. Therefore, a heavy metal contamination test detects these heavy metals letting us know if the product itself is safe for use.

On the other hand, the microbial contamination test quite simply analyses the CBD product for any bacterial and/or fungal life – once again ensuring the product is safe for use and of the highest standard.

Finally, when growing CBD it is important not to use herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides – these are toxic chemicals and should not be consumed in any manifestation.

Are Eir Health’s products laboratory tested?

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The bottom line

Both of these tests are usually done via a third-party laboratory, reducing the price of quality in-house machines while bringing in experts to analyze the overall quality of your CBD product.

Laboratory testing is an important stage not to miss when creating your own CBD products, it’s essentially your seal of approval for your product to be both safe, effective, and usable.

There are plenty of third party laboratories open to testing, helping you get your CBD product off the shelves and to those who really need it in the safest way possible.