White label CBD products: what you need to know

What is white label CBD and how can you benefit from this?

The term ‘white labeling’ is where a company purchases a product and re-brands it to suit their own business needs. This is different from stealing and re-branding products as the product are designed specifically for this purpose.

In fact, it is estimated that a wide percentage of all CBD products produced are done through white labeling – essentially selling the same product for different prices and with other branding

You likely have many questions, such as why would a business buy another’s’ product to re-sell? This question and many others will be addressed within this article – sign pointing you to the many benefits of white label CBD products.

The ability to build your own CBD brand

Firstly, white label CBD allows you to construct your own CBD brand. This is an especially prevalent tool for those who are just starting out in the CBD industry, are particularly tight on funds and cannot set up their own manufacturing processes, at least not yet – leaving CBD oil producers to conquer this job for you.

Branding your product is a must – this allows consumers to build trust with your product, often leaving them wanting more.

Ensure to brand all white-labeled and original CBD products the same, this allows consumers to know which product is yours. If they’ve previously purchased one of your products such as CBD oil, there’s a good chance that once you release a new product such as CBD capsules or gummies they will recognize the brand and may make a purchase.

Before branding your new line of white labeled products, it’s essential to conduct some basic market research. You want your brand to accurately represent your target audience best as possible, bringing consumers to you.

Chceck: Food Supplement Guidelines for CBD Products

White-labelled CBD products can often be cheaper

White labeling CBD products is quite often a much cheaper approach, especially for starters or those who have no clue what they are doing regarding manufacturing.

This allows you to fast track your business while diving into the CBD market headfirst whilst knowing your CBD product is already high-quality, safe, and approved by thousands across the globe.

This leads us to our next point, pricing.

You can price your CBD product line

Once you have white-labeled these CBD products you have complete control over the pricing.

Often, when purchasing in bulk you will receive a wholesale discount – this is recommended if possible. You have two approaches here, you can either sell your products cheaper than other products given your low manufacturing costs and wholesale discount or alternatively you can list a more luxury price, especially since you already know the product is of a high-quality.

We recommend playing around with the two and seeing what works for you. Perhaps, if possible find other companies that have used white labeling and see what approach they’ve taken? Ideally, this should be a part of your market research.

However, with that being said do pay close attention to the existing RRP (recommended retail price), whilst you can deviate from this slightly we recommend sticking to this roughly – after all, there’s a reason this is the recommended price.

Fast-tracking your CBD business

White labeling is a great way to fast track your CBD business. You can essentially start with little to no cash, investing in what you can afford and re-selling these as you go.

Likewise, you can also use these white-labeled products to see what your consumers respond well to during the early stages of business. This allows you to work changes to future products that you manufacture.

Eir Health B2B: what are the options?

White labeling CBD products are only a part of Eir Health’s B2B offer. We can help you raise your business in many different ways, including in-bulk production, creating your active pharmaceutical ingredients, and much more. Everything meticulously tested in the laboratories. If owning a brand product line is not for you, let us help you in different ways. Here’s what we can do for you and your business, besides white label.

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The bottom line

Before you start your CBD adventure, check what are the rules for businesses on the European market.

White label CBD is CBD that is purchased from CBD oil producers and other CBD brands, then, re-branded and re-sold on the market.

Purchasing your CBD products this way allows you to fast-track your business, beginning with little start-up costs whilst allowing you the freedom to run your own business.

Beginning this way is much cheaper, allowing you to see what works well with your target market while also allowing you to save money to begin your own manufacturing process if this is something you are interested in.