Our First - Hemp T-shirt by Eir

Our First is a new eco-friendly t-shirt made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton

A classic hemp T-shirt is an investment in a versatile element of your wardrobe while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. This supple and pleasant-to the-touch T-shirt is made from a premium fabric created from a blend of two natural plant fibers - eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton.

Ola (170 cm tall) and Błażej (175 cm) are both wearing size M.

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How Hemp T-Shirts Are Made

We visit a sewing place in Poland

Size chart

Our First Size Chart

Your new favorite T-shirt is here!

Reinforced seams and trims guarantee high durability and resistance to any deformation. Our First (of a kind) is perfect for both unpredictable European summers and cooler days. A great addition to any outfit regardless of gender, age or size.

Composition and care

Composition: 55% hemp fiber, 45% organic cotton
Weight: 210 g/m2
Made in: Poland with the material from China

Care: wash with similar colored items at 30 C and iron at 150 C. Do not use dryer, bleach or chlorine and we promise that Our First will serve you for a long time.

Why hemp?

Cotton has become a staple in our wardrobe, but its huge cultivation negatively impacts the environment. Clothing made with hemp fibers is an environmentally friendlier solution to this problem. These inconspicuous plants are true champions. Their crops produce large amounts of oxygen, with much less water consumption compared to cotton and almost zero use of artificial fertilizers. Hemp fibers are some of the most durable materials available, yet they remain soft and gentle even on sensitive skin. Hemp fabrics have a high moisture absorption capacity. They are airy, breathable and very comfortable. Without beating around the bush (hehe), they trump the competition in a blink of an eye.

We minimize our impact on the environment

A new garment is always a burden on the environment (even if it's made from hemp), so we try to minimize the waste generated during the production and sales process every step of the way. Both the bag we pack the T-shirts in and the shipping bag are biodegradable foil packs made from cornstarch, and can easily end up in a compost pile or bio-waste bin.




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