Quality Focused Wholesale CBD with GMP Certificates

by Eir Health

Our mission is to provide you with CBD products formulated, produced and packaged in our high-tech facilities, bringing transparency and affordability in the process, along with white label, wholesale and bulk solutions.

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Market Leaders in Quality

At Eir Health, we are committed to setting the highest standards in safety, compliance, and transparency by adhering to the strictest manufacturing certifications offered by global authorities. At the same time, we prioritize ethical self-regulation to ensure that the end product sets the benchmark for the industry. Moreover, we provide our customers with lab tests on-demand to assure them of the products’ quality. 

EU GMP Pharma Grade Certification
ISO 9001
Eurofins Tested

Eir | pharma

Create your active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) with full COA by Eurofins and EU GMP Pharma Certificates.

Eir | BULK

Order isolates, distillate, full-spectrum oils, pills, balms, water solubles in-bulk – you name it, we deliver it.

Eir | WhiteLabel

Build the brand you envision with a full lineup of private label CBD products.

Organically grown in the EU

by Eir Health

Our Eir Health hemp plants are carefully selected and organically grown from seed to harvest in the perfect climate, with the utmost care, following superior standards. We utilize exclusively top quality hemp from our farms, which provides us with full control over every level of the production process and the possibility to attain the highest level of purity and potency in our products.


100% organic

EU Certified Hemp Seeds

Premium Quality Extraction

made affordable

We run one of the most high-tech hemp extraction facilities in Europe through a tightly controlled and quantitatively-defined method, which gives you a broad spectrum of possibilities. Our team of experts can prepare an impressive variety of products, from isolates of single cannabinoids to more complex formulations, in compliance with verified practices and strictly followed policies.

Describe your needs, and we will come up with a solution to fit them perfectly.

Highest Quality CO2 Extraction

GMP certified production

Branding & Guidance

From Market Leaders

We completely understand the struggle of keeping up with the novel food and EFSA regulations, and our goal is to simplify the process for our customers. Our specialists are here to help you understand how the CBD market works so that you can benefit from its potential.

Pharmaceutical formulated

Third Party Tested in the USA & EU


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Wholesale CBD Products Offer

Custom-made solutions

Our solutions can be adapted to a broad spectrum of business needs. Send us a brief containing the most important details about your project or set up a call with our friendly team, always dedicated to guiding you throughout the process, and make sure you pick the most suitable products.

You can place bulk orders for CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and other cannabinoids in form of crystals, oils or paste.

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Custom-made white label CBD products

Grow your brand with us

The hemp market is growing exponentially, aiming to multiply by 10x before 2030. If you want to succeed in such a competitive market, you need competent and trustworthy partners.

At Eir Health, we take pride in our in-depth knowledge of the industry, and we firmly believe that our years of experience with a prolific B2C brand can benefit our partners in building their own.

If your goal is to join the market leaders, book a call with our account manager, and let’s see how we could be of help in your journey.

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We work for a better future

CBD has been touted for its many benefits in the past few years, being a staple ingredient in beauty and personal care products, coffee specialities, and an attraction on the shelves of national chain stores. The market is currently valued at $590 million and is expected to hit $22 billion by 2030, according to the renowned firm The Brightfield Group. Even before CBD became a buzzword, it was prized by wellness enthusiasts and health experts for its therapeutic properties.

At Eir Health, we strive to develop the highest quality products by combining cutting-edge innovation and pure ingredients with a culture built on transparency and quality, with the ultimate goal to make cannabinoids safe, effective, and accessible for everyone.


Novel Food Guidelines of EFSA Regulations

The future of the European CBD market depends on the FSA decision expected on March 31 2021 that will bring regulatory clarity in what regards the classification of CBD as either prescription medicine or novel food. At Eir Health, we continuously invest in science innovation to ensure the products we formulate comply with all the regulations. Our exclusive formulations will always be completely safe for the end consumer. What you read on the label is exactly what you get in the package.


Laboratory Testing

We perform independent third-party lab testing to attest to the quality of our products with the help of unbiased certified sources. We commit to the goal of raising the standards within the industry by demounting scams and false advertising – ultimately providing our customers with the option to do business at the highest standards. Moreover, we offer the possibility to do any rigorous lab test for the products you order.


Transparency in Supply Chain

We are committed to doing things right from the first stage of the process to the last. Our mission is to build trust, transparency, and contribute to the advancement of the industry through a straightforward supply chain – starting with the planted seed and ending with the product that reaches the shelves. With us, any second-thought regarding the quality of the product is eliminated by keeping all lines of communication transparent.