Eir Health: Close to nature

The slogan that has been the loudest in recent months is that, as humanity, we do not have a "planet B" and so, we should take better care of this Earth for all of our sakes. This point of view is really close to us. That's why, as a team, we decided to make every effort to make our company as environmentally friendly as possible and make sure our activities do not generate unnecessary waste.

How Eir Health takes care of the environment?

Every month, we send thousands of packages to our clients in Poland, Europe, and the USA. Individually, these packages may seem harmless, but collectively, the larger numbers mean that as a company we produce significant amounts of waste. We decided to introduce comprehensive solutions that minimize the harmful effects of our shipments and we can proudly say that we have managed it almost completely. Check it out!

Biodegradable and compostable boxes

Biodegradable and compostable box

We made sure that our boxes, in which we deliver the best quality CBD oil for you every day, stand out not only by their appearance but also by their closeness to nature. The packaging is made of natural kraft (a smooth and satisfying-to-touch cardboard). This material is stiff and extremely durable thanks to three layers of corrugated cardboard, made from 90% recycled content. The digital print on the packaging we use is made with water-based paint. That makes it completely biodegradable and compostable, i.e. when exposed to light, air, moisture, and microorganisms it will decompose into natural microelements. So you can throw the box out as paper or compost it. It will be even better if you find some re-use for it.

Paper filling

Paper filling

To make your products safe, we use ecological fillers that are made of environmentally friendly fibers obtained in the recycling process. Their interesting shape allows us to significantly reduce the consumption of the filling, which reduces the consumption of resources. Re-use fillers to secure an item in transit or dispose of in the paper waste.

Biodegradable paper tape

Biodegradable paper tape

We use a tape made of coated brown paper, rubber glue, and plant-based paint. The tape that protects your purchases from prying voyeurs is fully biodegradable and compostable and does not contain petroleum-based plastics. Thanks to this, you can throw it with a box into a paper container or compost it.

Bio Poly Mailer

Bio poly mailer

Sometimes, larger orders require us to use foil packaging in the packaging process, although we can proudly say that they have little in common with the classic foil. The poly mailers we use are subject to the composting process, i.e. biodegradation under controlled conditions for a period of 6 to 12 weeks. Organic foil is made of recyclable starch. The poly mailer is resistant to changing weather conditions, durable, but above all green (and in our case also white). That is why it is certainly no worse than its bad-to-the-bone plastic cousins. It's even better!

Why the reduction of plastic consumption is so important?

Statistics don't lie:

  • Every year, 8 million tons of plastic waste goes into the seas and oceans, of which 236,000 tons are microplastics.
  • There are currently five "islands" formed from plastic waste on the surface of the oceans. One of them is almost as large as France.
  • Every minute, the quantity of plastic that is in one garbage truck goes into the sea.
  • On a mass basis, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the seas and oceans than fish.

We do not want our children to watch the many wonderful species of animals only on archival video recordings, therefore, we make every effort to ensure that our activities do not lead directly and indirectly to increasing the amount of unprocessed waste.

What do we get from it?

Huge satisfaction! We are proud that somewhere in the whole pursuit of sales results, we have not lost our common sense and love of nature. Yes, the use of ecological materials for shipping significantly increases its cost, but we decided that we will bear it as a company and we will not add additional fees to customers, as many e-commerce leaders do (Zalando, feel ashamed!).

In these difficult times for ecology, we stand on the side of a defenseless environment that is becoming more and more devastated every day. And it is also thanks to the customers - that is you! You are part of the green revolution of Eir Health. And we're proud of that too!

Crib Sheet

How to throw away Eir Health's packaging: recycling instruction

Box: reuse / compost / biodegradable waste / paper waste

Tape: compost / biodegradable waste / paper waste /

Poly Mailer: compost / biodegradable waste

Fillers: reuse / paper waste