Eir Logo - Hemp T-shirt (Unisex)


A classic shirt with carefully applied embroidery – the Eir logo, will appeal to people who want to emphasize their attachment to our brand and shared values. The embroidery subtly draws attention to the material from which the T-shirt was made. The fabric is a pleasant for the skin mixture of two natural plant fibres: hemp and organic cotton.

Ola (170 cm tall) is wearing size M.

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How Hemp T-Shirts Are Made

We visit a sewing place in Poland

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logo eir health koszulka

The t-shirt has all the fantastic features of the Our First T-shirt, which is the basis for decorating with the Eir logo. Embroidery is one of the most perfect methods of marking clothing, which is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and an attractive, fashionable appearance.

Composition and care

koszulki Eir Health skład

Composition: 55% hemp fiber, 45% organic cotton
Weight: 210 g/m2
Made in: Poland with the material from China

Care: wash with similar colored items at 30 C and iron at 150 C. Do not use dryer, bleach or chlorine and we promise the t-shirt will serve you for a long time.

Clothing of hemp


Hemp material is a response to the growing problem of the negative impact of the clothing industry on the environment. The cultivation of popular cotton is highly non-ecological, especially due to the high-water consumption. Hemp, on the other hand, has low requirements for irrigation or the use of artificial fertilizers. In addition, their crops produce large amounts of oxygen. Another, not less important problem is the huge number of garments produced, which are directly connected with its durability. That is why, when creating our material, we wanted its durability so that our T-shirt could serve you for as long as possible.

Protecting the environment

"From Nature With Love" is not an empty slogan. Nature is our strength, that's why caring for her is our everyday life. We try to eliminate the negative impact on the environment at every stage of our business: from production to shipment of finished products. Our T-shirts are packed in biodegradable bags and foil packs made of corn-starch, which can be safely disposed of on a composter or in bio-waste.




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