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The Earth Project
by Eir health

We are developing the first factory in Europe to produce 100% biodegradable Hemp PLA as a substitute for plastic. Our goal is to utilize hemp to create a truly sustainable ecosystem that is affordable and available for all.

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Hemp PLA biodegrades fast

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Committed to making a difference


We use the full hemp plant. We use the flower for high quality CBD. And we use the leftovers to extract hemp fiber, which we futher proccess to create biodegradable bioplastics in order to eliminate traditional plastics derived from fossil fuels.


Hemp PLA

Working to make a better tomorrow

at scale

This is our way of giving back. Not to a charity, a foundation or an organisation... but to Earth itself. We do so by investing the most valuable thing we got: our time and energy.


Hemp PLA

Saving our planet
from plastics


Plastic pollution creates problems for plants, wildlife, and even the human population. This includes killing plant life and posing dangers to local animals. Plastic is made from toxic compounds and is not biodegradable. Current estimates show that at least 8 million pieces of plastic are entering the oceans every single day.
A plastic bottle is estimated to last 450 years in the marine environment, slowly fragmenting into smaller and smaller pieces, which eventually end up microscopic but never truly go away.


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