Is CBD Oil legal in Arizona?

Status: Legal

The popularity of CBD is growing. Every day, new customers turn to CBD hemp products. Some of them wonder if CBD Hemp Oil is legal in their location. In this article, we’ll talk about CBD in Arizona.

Find out if CBD is legal in your state

As long as CBD products contain less than 3% of THC you can legally purchase them in Arizona. Cannabis products with a low level of THC, but high in CBD have been legal in Arizona since 2014. THC is the component of hemp known for its psychoactive properties, but if levels are below 3% you won’t get the “high” effect.

How to get CBD Oil in Arizona?

Since more people are learning about the medical benefits of CBD, there is a wide variety of CBD products and brands. In Arizona, anyone can buy CBD online or shop locally, as long as it’s derived from hemp. Those interested in buying CBD products derived from marijuana will need to get a doctor's recommendation.


Hemp cultivation in Arizona

In 2018, the state of Arizona legalized the usage of industrial hemp. The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, signed SB 1098 announcing an agricultural pilot program that allowed licensed establishments to research the development, cultivation, and branding of industrial hemp.

Is growing hemp for CBD legal in the US?

Is it legal to ...

  • buy CBD in Arizona online Yes

    Any U.S. citizen can make an online purchase of CBD Hemp Oil anywhere in the country.

  • buy CBD in Arizona offline Yes

  • grow CBD in California Yes

  • buy products containing above 0.3% of THC for medical use No

  • buy products containing above 0.3% of THC for recreational use No

CBD Oils you can legally order online in Arizona:

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