Is CBD Oil legal in Greece?

Status: Legal

CBD is becoming more popular around the world, mostly for its health benefits. Many people who are looking for something to relieve their pain wonder if it's legal. In this article, we talk about CBD Oil in Greece.

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In 2017 Greece decided to join the ever-growing list of countries that have opened its doors to medical marijuana. Because of this, many changes have occurred to their country's legal framework in regards to Cannabis and Cannabis-related products. CBD oil was already legal but has enjoyed an increase in popularity due to these changes.

Let us go over some of the basic questions that individuals have in regards to CBD and Medical Cannabis usage in Greece.

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CBD’s Legal Status in Greece

Is growing hemp for CBD legal in Greece?

  • Is it legal to buy CBD in Greece online Yes

    Yes. As long as the substance has less than 0.2% THC content, CBD oil is legal to purchase and import online.

    Government reports show a marked increase in CBD imports since 2017.

  • Is it legal to buy CBD in Greece offline Yes

    Yes. Because of the 2017 changes CBD oil has become readily available for purchase and can be found in many health foods and alternative medicine shops around Greece.

    As with most places, supplies decreases the further one gets away from the capital and large cities.

  • Is it legal to grow hemp for CBD in Greece? Yes

    Greece banned Hemp cultivation in the late 1950s and it stayed that way until recently. As part of the medical Cannabis reforms which swept the country in 2017, Hemp cultivation is now legal, provided the individual gets the necessary permit.

    As with most European Union countries, the particular strain of Hemp one chooses must be from the list of approved strains that contain less than 0.2% THC

    As of now, cultivating Hemp for personal CBD oil production is perfectly fine under the current laws. Once again, both the oil and Hemp strain must contain less than 0.2% THC to be legal.

  • Is it legal in Greece to buy products containing above 0.2% of THC for medical use Yes

    In 2018 the Greek Parliament passed a law allowing domestic production of Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

    Currently, patients require a prescription from a medical doctor to have access to medical THC products. Unlike some other countries, Greek doctors have shown to be much more accommodating than some of their European neighbours.

    Greece is looking to position itself as a world leader in THC medical research and as such, has been much more accommodating towards patients than other countries.

  • Is it legal in Greece to buy products containing above 0.2% of THC for recreational use No

    Despite having a relatively large Cannabis Culture, it is illegal to consume Cannabis or other THC products for recreational purposes.

    It is not recommended as being caught with recreational Cannabis can cause legal problems.


Greece has a thriving medical Cannabis sector. CBD oil and other Cannabis derivatives are readily available providing they meet the requirement that the THC content be no more than 0.2%.

Medical Marijuana programs also exist but require a doctor's prescription and, unlike in other countries, there is not a large barrier to receiving this prescription.

Despite a thriving medical Marijuana culture, recreational Cannabis use is still illegal and punishable by law. Participating in recreational Marijuana use is more tolerated than it is other cultures but nonetheless still a punishable offense.