Is CBD Oil legal in Maryland?

Status: Legal

The popularity of CBD products is growing. Patients from all over the US who are seeking pain relief can now make use of the medical benefits of hemp products. If you are still wondering whether CBD is legal in Maryland, read on to find the answer.

Find out if CBD is legal in your state

Customers looking for CBD in Maryland have to keep in mind one thing. Where CBD is derived from will determine whether it is legal to have it. CBD can be made from two sources. One is marijuana, the other one is hemp. Marijuana contains high levels of THC. It is the component of a plant known for its psychoactive properties, but if its levels are below 0.3%, you won’t get the “high” effect. Hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC.

This is why CBD Hemp Oil is 100% legal in Maryland.


How to get CBD oil in Maryland

The Old Line State is one of those places where shopping for CBD products is pretty easy. Maryland residents can buy CBD Hemp Oil locally in at least a few cities. Those who’d like to have a really wide range of products can buy CBD online. When looking for CBD Hemp Oil, a doctor’s prescription is not needed.

Is growing hemp for CBD legal in the US?

Is it legal to ...

  • buy CBD in Maryland online Yes

    Any U.S. citizen can make an online purchase of CBD Hemp Oil anywhere in the country.

  • buy CBD in Maryland offline Yes

    You can buy CBD products in many places, like food stores, head shops and dispensaries.

  • grow CBD in Maryland Yes

  • buy products containing above 0.3% of THC for medical use Yes

  • buy products containing above 0.3% of THC for recreational use No

CBD Oils you can legally order online in Maryland:

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