Now hiring at EirHealth


We don’t believe in micro-managing, fixed working hours or day-by-day presence in the office. We believe in questions and open discussions, making your own schedule that enables you to deliver the best quality work possible and joining the office when you’re happy to bounce ideas with other team members or simply in the mood for a delicious coffee.


If you read the below and feel like it’s an X-ray of yourself, we utterly want to get to know you:

  • you know a lot about Health and CBD OR you are able to gain knowledge about this field fast
  • you’re a very creative person and often have ideas that challenge the status quo
  • you love being to the point and not waste time in endless meetings with no conclusions
  • you love coordinating people, briefing and making sure they deliver what you need, when you need it
  • you’re a resourceful person with an ability to quickly build and access a network of photographers, video creators, editors, chefs, vloggers, bloggers, journalists, online editors etc.

What you can expect when working with us:

  • a pay-check that is fair for the work you provide (we aim to make our team members comfortable with what they earn)
  • being surrounded by people that love what they do and constantly look for the best possible solutions
  • a creative environment where your ideas are listened to, discussed and where the best ones are implemented, tested and if successful, scaled
  • flexible hours that allow you work at the time you feel the most creative and comfortable with
  • a completely non-corporate environment


Email and send us your:

  • Resume/CV
  • Portfolio
  • Application