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Join us and help us share a knowledge about high quality cannabinoids that can change lives of milions of people around the world


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With estimation of 750 milion people around the world suffering from the conditions that might be eased with high quality CBD, we still have a great work to do.

Join us and help us educate people and introduce them to high quality CBD - a natural compound that can help them feel better.

at Eir Health we…

Grow our own 100% organic hemp and extract natural, high quality CBD Oil

Educate customers about true benefits of CBD, without misinformation, false hopes and fake claims

Deliver our products to customers for a fair and reasonable price

If you share similar values and want to help our earth Conscious brand thrive, join our:

Eir Health Educators Program

Share with your friends and followers valuable informations about hemp derived products like CBD Oil or Hemp plastic by Eir Health. Teach them how to avoid scams, mlms and identify fake claims. In return and as a payment for your time, we will share up to 20% of our revenue with you.



What makes working with us unique?

Priority access to our experts, who can answer all you questions about products, quality control and recent studies on CBD

24/7 access to educators panel, where you can follow the performance of your content and your commission

Real high quality products that work and will guarantee you a gratitude of your friends and followers

Use your influence and make a positive impact.

Don’t waste your energy and best years for promoting brands that kill our planet. Get involved in our CBD movement.

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Our Next Big Step

We are working on developing the first in Europe factory of 100% biodegradable hemp plastic. Our goal is to use utilize hemp waste to produce a PLA altrnative that is cheap and available for all.