Classic Female V-Neck Tee


The white T-shirt made of environmentally friendly premium fabrics (hemp and organic cotton) may become the basis of your wardrobe. The timeless V-neck emphasizes the female figure while maintaining maximum comfort. The flexible and pleasant to the touch fabric adapts to the female body, and the slightly oversized cut ensures comfort for many hours.

Ania is 160 cm tall and she is wearing a size S.

Apparel Product Size
S (Female)
M (Female)
L (Female)

How Hemp T-Shirts Are Made

We visit a sewing place in Poland

Size chart

Our First Size Chart

Power Lies in the Details

We've refined our female T-shirt in every detail in order to meet the expectations of even the most demanding. Reinforced seams and trims, especially around the neckline, increase the durability of the fabric and prevent its deformation. Thanks to such solutions, the T-shirt will look great despite the passage of time.

Composition and Maintenance

Composition: 55% hemp fibre, 45% organic cotton
Weight: 210 g/m2
We sewed it: in Beskidy (Poland, EU) with fabric from China

Maintenance: wash with items of a similar colour at 30° C and iron at up to 150° C. Do not use a dryer, bleach, or chlorine, and we promise that the T-shirt will last for a long time.

Hemp: A New Approach to Fashion

It is estimated that circa 85% of all textiles end up in the dump each year, thus generating enormous amounts of waste with some of it ending up in the ocean in the form of micro-plastics. So what can we do to prevent the clothes we buy from becoming the final nail in the coffin for the environment? Hemp fabrics constitute an environmentally friendly alternative. Their production is much more environmentally friendly both in terms of water consumption (4-6 times less than cotton) as well as the use of chemical agents.

Hemp fibres constitute some of the most durable materials available, while still remaining soft and gentle even on sensitive skin. Hemp fabrics possess a high moisture absorption capacity. They are airy, breathable, and very comfortable.

From Love for Nature

Clothing production has doubled since 2000, and there is no indication that this trend will change. Due to this disturbing trend, we've decided to limit the negative impact on the environment in the production of all our products. We implement ecological solutions and minimize waste at every stage of production—for example, we pack our T-shirts in biodegradable bags, and poly mailers made of corn starch, which can be safely thrown into a composter or bio-waste bin.




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